2017 Honorees

Angela Warner Friend of the Foundation Honoree:

Missy Bass

It was fourteen years ago that the Breath of Life Gala began recognizing a dedicated individual, group or company for their support in the fight to cure cystic fibrosis - in honor of Angela Warner. Angela was a loving, intelligent, and generous young lady. She fought the disease with courage and diligence each day of her life. It is what is required of all those fighting CF.

Missy Bass exemplifies all of Angela’s characteristics and has never let CF slow her down. Missy Bass was diagnosed with CF in 1981 and quickly became the “poster child” for raising awareness and funds across Minnesota. Missy’s commitment to the CF community has helped thousands learn about cystic fibrosis while fundraising towards a cure. At the Minneapolis Great Strides walk each May, “Team Missy” brings a crowd of supporters along with thousands of dollars to support the CF Foundation mission. Since Missy started at Great Strides, her team has raised over $300,000.

Throughout Missy’s life, she has taken risks including skydiving, bungee jumping, and more, but Missy’s CF could never change her passion for life. We are thrilled to honor her at this year’s Breath of Life Gala as the Angela Warner Friend of the Foundation.


Dr. Warren J. Warwick Honoree:

Karen Reigstad

In Dr. Warren J. Warwick’s honor we will be recognizing Karen Reigstad, RN during this year’s Breath of Life Gala. Karen worked with Dr. Warwick for many years in the clinic and in the University of Minnesota CF Center as a nurse coordinator. She matched Dr. Warwick’s passion for providing the best care possible, with one eye on the horizon – a cure for cystic fibrosis.

Throughout Karen’s career at the University of Minnesota, she worked with Dr. Warwick as his patient population was large and always growing. She was impressed that Dr. Warwick seemed set on breaking established rules and beliefs about CF care. He was a non-conformist, a tinkerer, an inventor and determined to make the lives of CF families better. She was able to support him and watch as his "vest" became a reality. He was able to partner with industry to turn his gigantic, silver compressor into the sleek system we use today. Health improved, independence flourished, and patients loved it.

Karen and her family have been present and active in many events sponsored by the CF Foundation. She has been and continues to be inspired by CF patients and families and feels blessed that she has been able to be a caregiver for them. You may not hear " Hello, this is Karen in the CF Center" anymore, but know that you are in her heart and she will continue to volunteer and help advance CF care until we ultimately find a cure.


Join us at the Breath of Life Gala:

Purchase your tickets for the Breath of Life Gala today, to join Karen Reigstad, Missy Bass and over 600 others in our search for a cure. Tickets, tables and sponsorships are all available online.

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